Weekend roundup 

I’ve decided to do one blog post for the weekends, since not much happens. So, this will be a relatively short post. I wanted to take this time, not to show you pictures of food, but give a breakdown of how this is supposed to affect your body. Each weekend, I’ll try and go over a different aspect of Paleo. 

The first thing that most people ask me is why can I not have dairy, cows were around during Paleo times, right? Well actually, it isn’t so much that it wasn’t around, but more because we aren’t supposed to have milk past infancy. I found this great article online about the dos & don’ts of Paleo (http://www.paleoeffect.com/paleo-quick-guide/). Apparently,we’re the only ones who drink any form of milk past infancy, not only that, but we are one of the only species that drinks other species milk. Which, after I thought about it for a while, it’s kind of gross. Also, it is an immune system stressor, which would explain why I am anemic, and my doctor has told me that I need to lay off dairy because it blocks my ability to absorb iron. And, also why my Crohn’s medications don’t work as well when I’m eating lots of dairy. So, that is why I can’t have dairy. Sad, I know. 


This week when the mail came in with tons of ads, I checked to see if any store were having a special. Turns out I got a pretty good deal on chicken and oranges! Random combo. At Market Street, I was able to get chicken breast for $1.67/lb! So, I went ahead and stocked up a bit. Also, at Sprouts, they had a special on oranges for .49¢/lb, which was good. In total this weekend, I spent $63 on food! This included almost 10 pounds of chicken. 

My mom and I have decided to add a second snack into our meal plan in case we are hungrier that normal. So, 5 meals a day for two people (10 meals per day). And 7 days a week means we are having 70 meals this week. That means that each of our meals is just 90¢! 

I honestly don’t know why I ever thought eating junk food and fast food was cheaper 🙂 

Also, here’s a quick flash of the foods we had this weekend!  

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